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About Kadam Jan Vikas

The Organization was started by a group of youth dedicated to rural development. This organization stared functioning in the year 2002 for slum dwellers of Gwalior and activities were carried on by these youth from their own resources. Kadam Jan Vikas Sanstha is currently working with development issues like livelihoods, food security, capacity building, public health and education. The organization is getting support from CASA Bhopal for the achievement of its objectives. It is a Non Governmental Organization which was officially founded in 2004 with an aim to provide sustainable livelihood to the weaker sections of the society and upliftment of socially vulnerable families by making them capable of demanding their rights and aware them so that they can screwed themselves for their own good.


To establish a progressive, peaceful society Based on the value of equality, liberty and mutual help.


KADAM JAN VIKAS SANSTHA’s mission is to empower and organize the downtrodden, women, tribal and poor segment of the society by making them capable of demanding their rights and include them in the main stream of developmental process.

Kadam Jan Vikas At A Glance

  • To develop leadership capacity through empower and organize women at local level.
  • To aware tribal population on issues like education, health, sanitation etc.
  • To ensure women’s participation in local self governance.
  • To create employment opportunities for rural unemployed or underemployed.
  • To aware community on issues like child labor, domestic violence, gender inequality, girl child education.
  • To provide permanent livelihood option to rural poor in order to reduce migration
  • To increase access and control of rural poor in general and women in particular over available resources at village level
  • Construction of road to BHAGWANTPURA village through SHGs efforts.
  • Distribution of Grain under NFSA reached to 35 kg through GVS efforts for ANTYODAYA family which was earlier 5kg.
  • 7 villages linked to MUKHYAMANTRI AAWAS YOJANA through which 48 persons received permanent access to housing facilities.
  • Under PRADHAN MANTRI JAN DHAN YOJANA, 270 villagers started to avail banking facilities.
  • Construction of cattle sheds in 15 villages under MNREGA which will have positive impact on the health and productivity of cattle.
  • 13 cases of Domestic Violence have filed in Police Station, 8 accused were arrested.
  • Readmission of 23 girl child in school resulting in decline in drop-out rate at to some extent.
  • 37 beneficiaries started to receive pension (old age, widow & disabled) regularly.
  • Insufficiency of literacy in targeted women.
  • Lack of participation in decision making process.
  • Do not raise voice against violence by developing a perception that it a part of routine life.
  • Distance of district hospital is more than 100 km from the working area which reduces instant & easy access to solve health problems.
  • No toilet facilities for girls in primary schools resulting increased drop-out rates.
  • Lack of awareness on child education among villagers. They prefer children go to field than school, rearing cattle and work with them.
  • Lack of permanent livelihood opportunity for the villagers
  • Water bodies like hand pump; tanks and ponds are in control of high caste people. Due to this lower caste people lacking control over resources
  • Lack of local employment opportunities problem of migration is very massive.
  • Problem of payment of daily wages under MNREGA and below the prescribed limit of minimum wages
  • Lack of knowledge of schemes run by government and how to access these schemes.
  • Ensure gender equality in the society
  • Develop leadership quality in women to ensure full participation in decision making process.
  • Empower local community based organizations through capacity building programs.
  • Provide employment opportunities to the villagers in order to cut off migration.
  • Linkages of deprived sections of the society with the government schemes.
  • To work on the principle of ‘Education for all’.
  • To provide a sustainable livelihood to rural people in order to protect environment and also raise their standard of living.
  • Effective utilization of local available resources
  • Strengthening the women organization and self help groups
  • Awareness on education and exploring the facilities for education
  • Establishment and maintenance of health facilities in the region as well as awareness generation on women and child health, malnutrition, malaria and other community diseases establishment of community medicine for the same.
  • Increasing the participation of women in decision making process
  • Improving the communication facility in the region
  • Active Board of the Organization.
  • Dedicated and qualified team of workers.
  • Low Turnover of staff.
  • Well equipped office at Gwalior as well Shivpuri with all the facilities.
  • Experience in survey, study, community mobilization and legal advocacy.
  • Having skill of documentation, Training and project activities in staff.
  • Effective implementation of projects according the requirement.
  • Networking & lassoing with state & national level forums and agencies.
  • Having good experience in advocacy to raise issue successfully.
  • Having all type of policies & Committee for the smooth functioning of organization as well project work.
  • Good relation with government functionary of administration at Shivpuri as well Gwalior.
  • Good relation with Media(print as well electronic)


KJVS is at the learning stage we need to learn from our efforts and other organizations. We are not capable of implementing or executing any programme without any outside support at this stage

Ours is a social organization where sustainability matters most. We set our targets to achieve this goal through different objectives. We have planned to achieve the goal of rapport building and trust building by incorporating local views and people in the organization.

We need skilled and trained staff, local educated youth, a place to organize different activities, resource persons to organize different skill development vocational and other awareness generation and training programme


The activities are changing the attitude of the male and this in turn will bring sustainable change in the future in favor of women. Women in our area where we work are backward and have very low status in society. Infanticide, feticide, dowry torture and deaths are the common phenomenon of this Gwalior Chambal region. Low sex ratio, low female literacy rate, low health status indicates the magnitude of problem. Needs in our community are education, economic empowerment, role in decision making, change in local laws and practices, health issues , awareness on women rights etc.

Root cause for such problems are absence of women based organization and initiatives, lack of infrastructural and monetarily support, lack of vision on potentiality of women, orthodox and stale old customs, low participation of women in decision making and economic activities

Our activities are led by women after need assessment in the area and they are for advancement of women our self help group formation helps in organizing women and making them economically empowered. Our initiatives related to persuade women to take part in decision making make them responsible. It also and inspire them to work for development of women of this region. Our awareness generation activities are making them aware of their rights and they are becoming aware so that they cannot be exploited. These activities related to education and health helps in changing attitude towards girl child and women and rates of feticide and infanticide are also affected.